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Processing Services

Processing Services


We have partnered with Aerospace Alloys, Inc. to provide processing capabilities which include abrasive waterjet cutting, milling, turning, band saw cutting, and shearing to name a few. In addition to these in-house capabilities we outsource other processing such as non-destructive testing, heat treatment and coating, making Cursor, LLC your one stop shop for all your material and custom part needs.

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive Testing (subcontract ultrasonic testing,
lowmag perm, liquid penetrant, mechanical and chemical

Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

We have four waterjet machines with multiple cutting heads
allowing us to cut virtually any material. Advantages are no
HAZ (Heat Affected Zone); reduced machining costs, excellent
edge quality and no tooling is required. With four cutting
machines, we can offer quick lead times.

saw cutting

With the ability of having multiple band saws we can cut
from our own inventory or customer's material with quick
turnaround times. We can also stock your cut pieces and ship
as required.

Vertical Milling

We are capable of machining most alloys, including alloy 625
and alloy C236.

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