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About Us

Cursor, LLC was incorporated on 3/13/2008, after acquiring the assets of Cursor Industries, LLC. We have been in business for over 10 years and is successful due to its commitment to quality and experience in supplying product to the Department of Defense. We understand the needs and quality requirements of our customers making us an approved Nuclear and Level I supplier as well as a qualified supplier for the Defense Logistics Agency and Electric Boat of General Dynamics. We are able to provide critical materials consistently and reliably to the exacting specifications of the government and primary defense industries.

The owner, president, and management representative of the company is Michelle Allinson. Her background includes a BS in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University and an extensive production control background. She serves on the board of CCAT (Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology – a non-profit) and has also served on the board of the Supplier Management Council of the Aerospace Industry Association.

Committed to Quality and Service

Cursor LLC